Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ancient Tak Art

Hooray old Tak art! If I recall correctly this was done after Tak and the Power of Juju but before staff of dreams. Ancient man.


Reagan said...

Woah ho, so this is where you have been hiding, Mr. Trent..The FOX.

Man, your work never ceases to awesify me.

Trent Halvorsen said...

Hey, thanks man! What are you up to nowadays? Did your stuff get into Flight 3?

S.T. Lewis said...

I'd never seen this one. I like how you can see Tak's breath. The soft background works really well, and I love the colors. This makes me cold, so I'll wear it on my face later today while I'm mowing the lawn. That should help... except that blind mowing makes me a little nervous with all the kids in our neighborhood.

Reagan said...

Yep! I got into Flight 3. It's out in stores now, so you can easily find it at Barnes & Noble and such. I'm working on Flight 4 right now.. almost 40 pages.

Aside from that, life's been busy. I got married, and my wife and I will be attending art school across the country. But it's all good.

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